Team roles and responsibilities

1Design Core Team
Responsible for developing and managing all aspects of our design and creative output, accountable for online and offline design output and commercial success of the design and creative department.
2Management Core Team
Maintains the smooth running of the Event through a variety of administrative and clerical duties. Responsible for planning and overseeing events. Initiates and sets goals for events according to the strategic objectives of the Cod{ON}fest. Presides all general meetings, Involved in decision making, Communication link with All respective core tam & Skillship Foundation. Assigns work. Also take care of the Tech Domain. Responsible for over all management of Cod{ON}fest Season 2
3Publicity and Marketing Core team
Responsible for control, security, accessibility, and timeliness of Event documents that may be used by more than one member, such as procedures, guidelines, forms, templates, and snippets. Regarding PR, is responsible for getting the registrations along with the help of Publicity and Media for the event. Oversees publicity campaigns and branding techniques for the Events, from brainstorming ideas to implementing large-scale plans.
4Sponsorship Core Team
Responsible for onbaording the sponsors
5Technical Core Team
Responsible for managing the techincal things related to events like managing the live session designing of website and tool if requiered