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Community provides with the apt set of technical and non-technical skills to build human relations, a platform to grow and learn together. We hope to produce the kind of entrepreneurs the world needs right now, skilled!


Here we provide you with technical skills required for the real world.And to direct your passion into productivity; we can give you the guidance you need!

Interested in the fields of Programming like Python, Java, Progressive Web Apps, Angular Js and many more

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Non Technical

As an organisation that gives opportunities to all driven young minds, we give equal openings for those interested in areas such as Art, Commercial studies, Competitive exams, Leadership, cultural, Govt Sector, Public Speaking and many more

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cod{ON}fest 2020

Competitive coding is one such field that has been there for a long time but mastering that takes practice and dedication. In most of the cases one does know where to start and how to move forward with it. SkillShip Foundation along with PyLadies Delhi is bringing forward one program that will help you get started with coding. It will be all about mastering skills and guidance that every individual starting in this field is looking out for. The sole purpose is to spread awareness, sharing knowledge and helping everyone in the community to progress and learn from one another.
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