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Career Guidance session by skillship foundation supported by Chatrashala
1st February 2022
Design Thinking prepares MBA grads for innovations
22nd March 2022
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Design Thinking, Innovation & Entrepreneurship session by skillship foundation supported by Chatrashala

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.

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Today’s competitive world is pushing businesses to be more creative and also provide a better experience of their product or service. The value of innovative solutions was never more than now. Let’s discuss Design Thinking and how it can help you to achieve this.

- Begin your Design Thinking learning journey
- Understand skills needed for Design Thinking
- Why these skills are more relevant in 21st century
- How Design Thinking can help in innovation & entrepreneurship

For whom is this workshop for:
1. Entrepreneurs
2. Startups
3. Students
4. Product Managers
5. Designers
6. Anybody interested in Startups & Entrepreneurship


Our Expert

Prasad Khose

Crayomi Edu — Founder
Running design education company with the focus on instilling Creative Thinking, Empathy, and Problem-Solving mindset in the younger generation.

Design Thinking, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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Steps to attend the event and claim certificate

Step 1: ← Fill the Design Thinking, Innovation & Entrepreneurship workshop Registration form (Skillship Foundation website)

Step 2: Download the Chatrashala Application from Google Playstore

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Step 4: Click on Digital Events Section and Join the session

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