Competitive coding is one such field that has been there for a long time but mastering that takes practice and dedication. In most of the cases one does know where to start and how to move forward with it. SkillShip Foundation along with PyLadies Delhi is bringing forward one program that will help you get started with coding. It will be all about mastering skills and guidance that every individual starting in this field is looking out for. The sole purpose is to spread awareness, sharing knowledge and helping everyone in the community to progress and learn from one another. Closed

    1 March 2020 to 15 April 2020

About cod{ON}fest

Cod{ON}fest is a 45 days long coding fest, which will be divided into 2 phase -
Phase 1 (Practice Phase) 30 days
Phase 2 (Challenge Phase) 15 days

Phase 1 will be a pure learning phase. The main focus will be to cover all the important data structures and algorithms. Each mentee will be provided with a mentor, who will keep track of their performance and help them to build their DSA knowledge. Problems statements and assignments will be provided to mentees whose submission needs to submit in the proper given format to be counted in the leaderboard.
In this Phase, the mentees will be judged based upon various coding contests that will be hosted. Mentees will be judged on various difficulty level and a leaderboard will be created based on their performance.
Fun Activities between your learning experience We will call some experienced people from the best of industry, who will share their experience of being in this challenging industry for so long and how they had sustained the journey elegantly.
Certificates and swags.

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