Mahisha Machine Learning Mentor
Mahisha S
18th May 2020
Machine Learning Mentor
Nilesh Pant
13th June 2020


Ayush Shrivastava

Python Programming Mentor

Python programming mentor at Skillship Foundation.
Ayush is pursuing B.Tech in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.
He is an enthusiastic Web-Developer skilled in Python, Django, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, C++, and PHP. Currently working as a Student Developer for Google Summer of Code.
He also loves game development and has experience developing them with JavaScript, Lua, and Unity Game Engine.
He continually grows and absorbs as much new information as possible in hopes that it will make me a better individual.
He is an excellent communicator and always looking for great environments to further my skill sets. Looking forward to learning and sharing knowledge with the Skillship foundation. Area Of Working: Area of Working: Python and Web/Game Development
Projects :
1. Bokeh: Python Visualization Library (GSoC)
2. Interactive Blogger and Event Planner using Django
3. Interactive Visualization of 3D models using Augmented Reality and C
HackerRank: 5-Star Python

Codechef: 1600+ rating