Manan Modi Data Science Mentor st Skillship Foundation
Manan Modi
15th May 2020
Ayush-Shrivastava Python Mentor
Ayush Shrivastava
11th June 2020


Mahisha S

Machine Learning Mentor

Machine Learning mentor at Skillship Foundation.
Highly Motivated person toward data science, updating myself with new techniques and technologies in Deep learning.
A consistent learner with an experience of 5 years coding in Python and two years in Deep learning.
I am currently interested in fastai, trending topic in Deep Learning. I have worked in data scrapping and web development as well.
Other coding languages- C++, Java, MATLAB.
Looking forward to learning and sharing knowledge through the Skillship foundation.
Area Of Working: Data Science and Web Development.
Projects :
1. Eye Disease Detection (Glacumo and Diabetic Retinotheraphy)
2. Image classification using sound dataset.
3. COVID-19 predictor using Radiographic Images.
5-star Python-Hackerrank