Machine Learning Mentor
Nilesh Pant
13th June 2020
Machine Learning Mentor
Nilesh Pant
13th June 2020



Android Mentor

Android Development mentor at Skillship Foundation.
Hanif is a Community Person who loves to contribute to the Community.
He is Co-Lead at Mozilla Campus Club and Core Team member of DSC, where has conducted many workshops on AI, ML and Cloud. He is also a tech speaker who loves speaking on Cloud, Android, iOS Development.
He is an Ml Enthusiast. He is currently working as a Mobile app developer (Native Android and iOS Developer) at a private company based in Ahmedabad.
Area Of Working: Android Department.
Projects :
1.Music using Ml
Music using ML is a vocoder which is used to synthesize the audio clip which will be generated believable human like singing audio.

An android app which shows recent news based on the specific locations.


- HackerEarth Campus Ambassador.
- Mozilla Campus Co-lead.