Competitive programming mentor at skillship foundation
shruti kumari
10th May 2020
Python Programming Mentor at skillship foundation
Rutuja Kawade
10th May 2020


K. Sai Drishya

Competitive Programming Mentor

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Competitive programming mentor at Skillship Foundation.
I consider myself proficient in DSA.
I am currently working as a DSA intern at Check out my GitHub for solutions of various coding problems from various platforms.
Area Of Working: Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
Projects :
1. Classification of Hyperspectral data using deep learning
2. Corona Virus prediction based on X-ray using deep learning among others
GeeksForGeeks Ranking :
InstituteWise - 11
Overall Coding Score - 938
Total Problems Solved - 488
InterviewBit: 3 Star Ranking

Hackerearth: 1400+ rating