Competitive Programming Mentor at skillship foundation
K. Sai Drishya
10th May 2020
Manan Modi Data Science Mentor st Skillship Foundation
Manan Modi
15th May 2020


Rutuja Kawade

Python Programming Mentor

I am a enthusiastic python developer also I like to explore science and computer technology related topics. My field of interest are technical content writing, machine learning, data science, Python, Java, C++,R programming, MATLAB. I want to work in these fields for betterment society and its improvisation in field of technology. Always willing to share my knowledge. Looking forward for amazing experience with skillship foundation!
Area Of Working: Python
Projects :
2.Automatic certificate generator and sender
3.GeoJSON rendering using python, retrieving data from web using regular expressions, email processing using python, processing .csv files using python.
Achievements in Python::
1. PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming
2. IBM verified badge in python for AI.
3. Cisco ISTE National Codathon in python semifinalist.
4. PICT IEEE Python seminars speaker.