Competitive Programming Mentor at skillship foundation
K. Sai Drishya
10th May 2020



Competitive Programming Mentor

Competitive programming mentor at Skillship Foundation.
I bagged an Internship Opportunity at WesternDigital.
I was an algorithm and data structure developer at OpenGenus Foundation. I am currently doing regular coding practices on coding platforms like Interviewbit, Leetcode, GeeksForGeeks.
Area Of Working: Competitive Programming and also working on machine learning projects.
Projects :
1.Natural Language Processing
Using various classifier techniques namely Naive Bayes, SVC, Decision Tree Classifier for analysis of tweets of passengers regarding various airlines and for classifying emails as spam or not spam.

2.Analysis of Dataset and Plotting of Heat Map
Comparing Random Forest Regressor and Decision Tree Classifier for predicting price of cars on automobile dataset and plotting heat map of different features.
GeeksForGeeks Ranking :
InstituteWise - 11
Overall Coding Score - 938
Total Problems Solved - 488
InterviewBit: Ranking - 23578