Python Programming Mentor at skillship foundation
Rutuja Kawade
10th May 2020
Mahisha Machine Learning Mentor
Mahisha S
18th May 2020


Manan Modi

Data Science Mentor

Data Science mentor at Skillship Foundation.
I find new inventions and creations intriguing. I have specialized in the fields of data science and python along with its Data libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Scikit Learn, etc. I am a fast learner. My interests lie in researching and then mentoring others on the path of innovation. Curiosity and enthusiasm to solve problems always reside in me. My communication skills as a mentor are something I am always improving. Being passionate about my work is my algorithm.
Area Of Working:Data Science.
Projects :
1. Credit Card Fraud Detection
2. Corona Virus Disease 19 Predictor using Chest X-Rays
3. Chicago Crime Investigation
5 Stars in Python - Hackerrank
835 Rank in Kaggle competition