Global Nagpur Summit
20th December 2019
Online Resource for learning
What online resource would you suggest for learning coding?
3rd January 2020
Global Nagpur Summit
20th December 2019
Online Resource for learning
What online resource would you suggest for learning coding?
3rd January 2020
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Why you have to follow this top technology in 2020?

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Artificial Intelligence – Explore the Curriculum to Master AI and Deep learning. It is most demanding technology came in 2020 and ik n future
• AI existed even before the internet was born, but it is now that the data processing became strong enough to sustain an entire technology by itself.
• AI is everywhere today, from your smartphones to your cars to your home to your banking establishment.

2. DevOps technology: – DevOps will have a lot of growth potential in the future. It encourages great communication and collaboration between them and their work. DevOps is a set of practices that reduce time to market without compromising quality. This is the odd one out in the list. It is not a technology, but a methodology. DevOps is a methodology that ensures that both the development and operations go hand in hand. DevOps cycle is picturized as an infinite loop representing the integration of developers and operation teams by:
• automating infrastructure,
• It is the new normal, something the world cannot do without .

3. Blockchain technology: – This was the great technology in future the blockchain technology is most demanding job.
• This is the tech that powers bitcoins, the whole new parallel currency that has taken over the world.
• Interestingly, blockchain as a technology has far-reaching potential in everything from healthcare to elections to real estate to law enforcement.

4. Big data & Hadoop technology: – Big data refers to problems that are associated with processing and storing different types of data. Most of the companies today, rely on big data analytics to gain huge insight about their:
• customer,
• product research,
• marketing initiatives and many more. Benefits
• Scalable
• Cost effective: Hadoop is very cost-effective compared to traditional database-management systems.
• Fast: Hadoop manages data through clusters, thus providing a unique storage method based on distributed file systems. Hadoop’s unique feature of mapping data on the clusters provides a faster data processing.
• Flexible: Hadoop enables enterprises to access and process data in a very easy way to generate the values required by the company, thereby providing the enterprises with the tools to get valuable insights from various types of data sources operating in parallel.

5. Quantum Computing: Super computing through the use of quantum technology is still a dream, but no longer a far-fetched one. In fact, Google claimed to have built the very first, functional quantum computer.Quantum computers could spur the development of new breakthroughs in science, medications to save lives, machine learning methods to diagnose illnesses sooner, materials to make more efficient devices and structures, financial strategies to live well in retirement, and algorithms to quickly direct resources such as ambulances. Three quantum mechanical properties — superposition, entanglement, and interference.

6. Python – Python is a general purpose and high level programming language. You can use Python for developing desktop GUI applications, websites and web applications. Also, Python, as a high level programming language, allows you to focus on core functionality of the application by taking care of common programming tasks.

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