We support LGBTQ community
We support LGBTQ
12th July 2020
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Efficient Education on its way?
3rd August 2020

Humans, have the ability to think freely. We see, we hear, we feel. We use this to learn about our surroundings, adapt to it, and build a comfortable environment. From the stone age, to bronze age and a couple of other ages, we are now at a point where Computers are one of the greatest inventions. After we got tired of doing repetitive tasks on the computer, Machine learning came into being. To reduce repetitive, and gruesome work.

Machine Learning is based on the basic human principle that “Practise makes perfect”. It basically comprises of reading data, learning the patterns, instructions from a given set of data. Using this data, decisions with minimal or no human interventions. As it keeps repeating, the machine gets better at the required task. AATMANIRBHAR program by Skillship aims at empowering students with the skills of implementing their own Machine Learning algorithms.

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