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8th December 2020
hackonfest bugbounty program

why do you need to join Hack0nfest2020?

Grab the amazing opportunity in 2020
11th October 2020
Aatmanirbhar Program

Complete Report on Aatmanirbhar Program

Data Science | Machine Learning | Competitive Programming | Python Programming
3rd August 2020
education policy

Efficient Education on its way?

Important decision by government | new education policy
19th July 2020
machine learning


Humans, have the ability to think freely. We see, we hear, we feel. We use this to learn about our surroundings, adapt to it, and build a comfortable environment
12th July 2020
We support LGBTQ community

We support LGBTQ

We support LGBTQ community
3rd July 2020
Technology fighting with pandemic

Technology fighting pandemic

if anyone said that in 2020, people weren’t gonna travel, schools are gonna be closed, and that the world would come close to a standstill, it would probably be Matt Damon in a movie who said it.