31st January 2020
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30th March 2020
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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
“Education is not for Learning of Facts, but the training of the Mind to think”!!!!!!

Theoretical knowledge means learn anything via textbook, content which is reported earlier without adopting a practical way. It helps you understand the reason why one technique successful where another fails. Theory prepares you through the experience of others. Theoretical knowledge can give you a deeper understanding of a concept through seeing it in the context of a greater whole and understanding the why behind it. Theoretical Education means to learn things without any practical knowledge. Theoretical education helps us to take a deep knowledge of any subject or topic. It helps anyone to understand when one technique fails then how another works. But the problem with theoretical learning is it can be remembered only for few days or month. The problem with today’s students is they read their subjects one day or night before the exam, they read everything in short. They are not taking deep knowledge of their respective subject. Through theoretical knowledge, you cannot get a job because companies want students who have practical knowledge more than theoretical knowledge.

Practical Knowledge
Functional education means to gain knowledge with practical experience.
Practical education is better because then you actually know how to do stuff in the real world. Today our education system needs a practical approach; therefore they are an emphasis on “Hands-On Learning“, Practical knowledge means which things you teach in theory implement that things in real life or by doing some real-life activities we learn something. Whatever we did practically we remember for a long time. In a practical way, students enjoy also to learn. Many of us think that practical knowledge is beneficial for the only technical student but it’s not right. Practical knowledge is useful for every stream students. Practical knowledge is the most valuable thing in today’s environment. Practical knowledge gives good exposure to a student in the industry also As a computer science student or a coding lover, it is important for you that practical knowledge gives you the right job.

As per our opinion, Practical education is gaining popularity nowadays
Practical knowledge gives you a good understanding of your subjects as well as it will give you a guarantee of your bright future.

There are six reasons why Practical Wisdom is better
1. Interactive Education creates a Deeper Impact.
2. Interesting => Easy.
3. Develops a better understanding.
4. Improves skills and also technical skills.
5. The main reason It is more interesting.
6. In our mind, we think the creative ideal’s for our Country.

Real-Life Example Of Practical and Theory:
Theoretical Knowledge =
• I know THAT I can bake a cake.
• I know THAT to ride, I must have strong legs and hold on tight.

Practical Knowledge =
• I know how to ride a bike.
• I know HOW to play soccer

Meanwhile, Theoretical and Practical education both are compulsory.
Practical education gives the good knowledge about the subject and prepares you for all the grinding that one shall face in the industry. For career prospective Practical education is more fruitful. One should find a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge to have a bright career in his / her field. If you are want to become a software engineer the Practical knowledge is compulsory.

Priyansh Neema
Content Writer
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