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11th October 2020
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why do you need to join Hack0nfest2020?




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8 Important benefits to join hack0nfest 2020:

1. Uniqueness:
a. Hack0nfest 2020 is a unique program curated by an expert team of Ethical Hackers and Experienced Bug Hunters.
b. Its Syllabus is exclusively designed for beginners, Intermediate level participants and caters to those who want to relive their passion by part-time hunting without disturbing the current work schedule.

2. Live Learning:
a. Each session will be live-streamed by expert mentors specialized in their field of work.
b. We believe that live learning sessions are very much valuable as compared to recorded sessions.

3. Practical Learning Approach:
a. We believe in practical knowledge so that's why we will be enlightening you all with each topic practically will perform each attack in front of you and guide you according to that you will see the live attack and live to learn experience

4. Learn from Experts:
a. Every mentor is a Certified Ethical Hacker; they have experience and practice in the Cybersecurity domain.
b. These experts have actually cracked the code and earned various laurels from various companies for their performance.

5. Live Support:
a. Our journey does not end here with hack0nfest2020. After this program, you will receive mentor support for up to 1 year and access to join the community of Bug Hunters and Cybersecurity experts.
b. Our Mentors will guide you for a year and also provide some tips and tricks to grow rapidly in this sector.

6. Internship Opportunity:
a. Selected participants will get the guaranteed opportunity to work as a cybersecurity intern in our partnered organizations.
b. Top Candidates will also get featured on the Hall of fame page of Hack0nfest 2020 and get exclusive schwag from the partnered organizations.

7. Prizes
a. Prizes up to 1 Lakh (all prizes in the form of Subscriptions and Coupon codes)
b. Taskade: Free upgrades to Taskade Unlimited to all participants
c. JetBrains: Free 1-year All Products Pack educational subscriptions to all participants
d. Axure: 5 winner certificates of free 1-year subscription licenses of Axure RP Team Edition
e. Linode: $20 Linode promo code to all participants
f. Balsamiq: 90-day extended trial for Balsamiq Cloud
g. Top 10 Contributor: Exclusive Hoodie and Schwag of Hack0nfest 2020
h. Top 30 Contributor: Exclusive Schwag of Hack0nfest 2020

8. Certificate:
a. Everyone will be provided with participation Certificates and the best performers will get a dedicated Certificate including a letter of Recommendation from Skillship Foundation.

why do you need to join Hack0nfest2020?

why hack0nfest initiated?

HackOnFest is a month long online global level Bug Bounty program where participants from around the globe participate and enrich themselves with knowledge and experience
Our primary motto is to help an individual develop CREATIVE THINKING AND BUG BOUNTY SKILLS.
why do you need to join Hack0nfest2020?

Vision Behind Hack0nfest

Our vision is to give the opportunity to student Bug Bounters to come under the influence of some of the best Ethical Hackers in the country andexperience new technology
We wants to spark cyber awareness among the youngsters and gatherideas and skills so as to ignite the spark in the young bloods.



Today we are almost entirely dependent on technology.

Some include your smartphone, your computers, car, your bank and credit card purchases, and even your smart home devices and alarmsystems (IoT). Although, all the above are susceptible to hackers. In fact, a hacker attack takes place worldwide every 39 seconds, affecting one in three Peoples each year. We wanted to create an awareness and in fact make someone smart enough to tackle the issue on his own.

Main Objectives


What you will learn?

Breaking down of learning architecture

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for any person who is at any level of Hacking and Cybersecurity knowledge. All you need is the zeal to learn something new every day
Yes, We will provide leaning kits to all those who want to enter into this domain.
This will be a 25 Day's long intensive program
A participant will be judged upon the number of Validated bugs he/she reported.
A We have a separate panel that will go through all the reports and will provide points to accepted reports.
Yes!!, Everyone will be provided with participation Certificates and the best performers will get a dedicated Certificate including a letter of Recommendation from Skillship Foundation.
Yes, Use Coupon code Hack_(Your City Name) and avail 100Rs Cashback


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