6th June 2020
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23rd June 2020

Data Scientists are in tremendous demand for the industries. To help students learn and master this skill, Skillship Foundation has chosen it’s AATMANIRBHAR Track 1 as Data Science. This programme focuses on teaching Data Science from scratch. Students are introduced to Python and pre-existing libraries for Data Analysis. The program covers from the “Hello World!” program to the depths of Data Science.

After the participants get accustomed to Python for Data Science, they are taught about the libraries used like NumPy, and pandas. These tools help in data structures and high performance data analysis.

The course then proceeds forward to Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA).

Exploratory Data Analysis is the process of analysing data and bringing out key characteristics. It gives insight into the data. EDA is an important part in identifying Correlations, Causations in order to form models.

After equipping participants with the required knowledge of EDA, the students are taught about Supervised and Unsupervised Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks and how they can be used in Machine Learning for Real life.

This programme equips the students with the tools required for making a vast variety of projects in the field of Data Science.

To give an idea of real time projects, the participants will be given time to work on a capstone project that is relevant in these testing times. They are given a capstone project on identifying Employee performance and using it to help HR in downsizing employees.


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