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4th June 2020
data science
Dealing with Data Science
13th June 2020


ANTHARPRERANA, a mission of VIBA to flourish the entrepreneurial aura into budding youth of this gen and establish a thought of self-dependacy
in them.
This mission is accomplised in three conducts as Blogathon, Codeathon and Customer-ON events.

Our event 'RACHANA' Blogathon, was organized successfully. It was for conducted solely for content writers.
Now, 'SANKALP' Codeathon is an ongoing event which is exclusively for coding enthusiasts.
Customer-ON will be an upcoming event after codeathon and it is to bring out people with good public relations & marketing skills.

Top 10 candidates from each event will be grouped for a BIZRISE to form a start-up and VIBA will be the fund provider for it. We found essence in
this serial conduct of events, because every organization must include people with all these skills to boom.
SANKALP-Codeathon is the happening event now. All the coding aspirants, here is a chance to grab your turn and show your coding skills.

Registration link: For Registration Click Me
The link to register will close by 8 June, 2020.

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