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12th July 2020

We support LGBTQ

We support LGBTQ community
3rd July 2020

Technology fighting pandemic

if anyone said that in 2020, people weren’t gonna travel, schools are gonna be closed, and that the world would come close to a standstill, it would probably be Matt Damon in a movie who said it.
23rd June 2020

Update on our covid-19 Efforts

No matter how difficult the times are the path of Skillship has never deterred. Making use of all the available resources, Skillship has reached out to many students across the country with the idea that learning must never come to a halt.
13th June 2020

Dealing with Data Science

Data Scientists are in tremendous demand for the industries. To help students learn and master this skill, Skillship Foundation has chosen it’s AATMANIRBHAR Track 1 as Data Science.
6th June 2020


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4th June 2020

RedFm supports #OneCoinOneNation

In an interview with RedFm, Sachin Pandey, the founder of Skillship Foundation proudly spoke about his fundraising event ONE COIN ONE NATION, which had the aim […]